Due to the POSTPONEMENT of Ford Takeover 2020 we have decided to announce next years date early so if ticket holders can transfer the tickets to our May 2021 date.

​By announcing the dates early this will allow you to arrange rolling over bookings with Ferry companies and accommodations.

​If you have emailed us to roll over tickets this will be taken care of once we know more about mass gathering and if we are able to license and insure our event.

​We are all learning as we go with the current circumstances and are unsure what the immediate future holds so please be patient and re-frame from persistent emails as these will not be answered at the present time.  We will make announcements when we know more information and if the events can take place.

​No tickets will go on-sale for any of the events until this is all over with.

  •  Ticket deadlines will ALL be extended, this includes being able to book with your car club and the final dates you can purchase a ticket for the shows

  • Ford Takeover next year will be in its usual format and Team Takeover did not create COVID-19 to have an excuse to merge both shows together - Yes we really did get a message saying this with a few naughty words included.

​To the 97% who have supported us with your kind words, messages and let us know you will be attending in September to support us or to roll the tickets to Ford Takeover next year thank you,  doing this means the event will continue in to the future and not end due to COVID-19.


Not being able to attend events or even take your cars out for a drive really does make you realised how we all take so much for granted.  We are betting some of you are using this time in lock-down to build your machines and to keep them nice and clean.

Please keep your family safe in this incredibly tough time and we look forward to seeing you in September if we are able to go ahead or May 2021 fit and healthy.

20th September 2020

Isle of Wight Takeover Logo

We are awaiting further gov/local advise

15th - 16th May 2021

Royal County Showground

Isle of Wight Takeover Logo

Fast Ford Magazine best car show 2019

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