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  1. The most affordable tickets are usually available prior to 8 am or after 8 pm.

  2. During booking, you'll see fares for the selected day, with the cheapest options Highlighted.

  3. Flexibility with your travel schedule enhances your chances of securing lower fares.

  4. Fridays and Mondays tend to experience higher traffic and fares as people travel to and from the island. If these are your travel days, consider early morning or late evening crossings.

  5. Secure your ferry reservation promptly to avoid price increases as the event draws nearer.

For those travelling with Red Funnel to the IOW Takeover in LOW CLEARANCE CARS, please book your vehicle as a CAR and in the height drop down menu select – UP TO 2.7M. This will guarantee you a space on the main deck as required. If you do not select 2.7m height and select a car at 2.0m, you will not be guaranteed a space on the main deck which could cause issues with clearance and being unable to travel at your booked time. Please ensure you’re booking your lowered car as 2.7m height with Red Funnel. All non-lowered cars can select 2.0m when booking. All IOW Takeover attendees travelling with Red Funnel save 25% on the total fare when booked here:

let's remember the importance of respecting the neighbourhoods and maintaining a quiet and respectful presence at the port and on the ferries. We kindly ask that you be mindful of engine noise and avoid disturbances. Please don't let the actions of a few spoil the experience for the many. Both companies will be monitoring and collecting number plates of any individuals who do not adhere to these guidelines, and necessary actions will be taken. Thank you for your cooperation in making this event enjoyable for all.

Red Funnel Logo

Red Funnel is the main car ferry service from Southampton and travels to East Cowes on the Isle of Wight, the journey time is approximately 50 minutes and takes both cars, motor homes, bikes and foot passengers.​


Red Funnel will ensure that you are parked within the area of the vessel with better clearance. We get asked every year it doesn't matter how low you are they will get you on the boat... So get booking to join us at #Takeover2024

 Travel between 10th and 24th May 2024


Wightlink run two car ferry services to the Isle of Wight, one running from Portsmouth to Fishbourne and takes around 50 minutes and the other from Lymington to Yarmouth which is around a 40 minutes journey both ferries take cars, motor homes, bikes and foot passengers.

We get asked every year it doesn't matter how low you are they will get you on the boat... So get booking to join us at #Takeover2024


 Travel between 10th and 27th May 2024

Click the link and the discount is applied please enter reference: TAKEOVER

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